Sunday, 27 January 2013

specific number of invitation cards,

Though you can place an order for a specific number of invitation cards, coming up with different ideas of your own has its own charm. Therefore, knowing various ideas of invitations can help you make invitation cards in a unique way. Whether it is a birthday or a wedding party, all you need to have is the right cutting tools, the right paper, and some decorative accessories.
Have a look at the following invitation supplies and learn more about this artistic work:
In order to make party, birthday, or wedding invitations, you can choose from a variety of paper available in different types. One example of paper suitable for making invitation cards is card stock. This is because of its thickness. Secondly, it can be easily embossed. By embossing your invitation text, you can add a touch of imprinted texture to paper. This is done with an embossing machine.
Other types of paper are also available that are specifically used to make invitation cards. Some of them include vellum, parchment, moiré, and cotton paper with thin texture.
Most people consider envelopes one of the must-have wedding invitation supplies. They are made of pure cotton paper. However, you will find some envelopes made of natural or translucent papers. Since the sizes and shapes of invitation cards vary, same is the case with their envelopes. Some examples are wallet envelopes and pocket envelopes and banker envelopes.
Embellishments add value to the look of standard invitations. In other words, this is a new dimension of creativity in terms of choosing invitation supplies. You can decorate an invitation card with lace, fake pearls, silk flowers, buttons, and ribbons. Furthermore, if you want to try something different, then go for stamps, fabrics, shapes of chip board, and craft jewels made of plastic.
Since chip board is made of cardboard, it has a different pop out effect. You can use this material in the form of different shapes to come up with a unique invitation card with wedding invitation supplies too.
Along with the right type of paper, you also need certain tools to make invitations. In order to add embellishments in the invitation cards, you should use a glue gun. Similarly, you need a cutting tool to cut the invitation paper into different shapes. To get this done, craft knife will work best. Sometimes you do not necessarily have to cut the cards because they are also available in the pre-cut form.

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