Sunday, 27 January 2013

Nowadays lots of Indian families are living abroad

Nowadays lots of Indian families are living abroad. They hold wedding outside India, or come here to conduct marriage. Having marriage in own country gives a very ethnic touch to the occasion. Relatives and friends come at the bride and grooms place and stay there days before the marriage. Every day is a like function; dance, songs, ritual and lots of fun. This will be definitely missed if the marriage is conducted abroad. It is one of the main reasons that NRI’s also prefer to come to India for the wedding. These people have very limited time to make all the arrangements, starting from booking the venue, arranging for caterers, organizing DJ, preparing the list of invitees and most importantly choosing a wedding invitation card.
Invitation cards are something that needs to be arranged well in advance, because it needs to mailed or handed over to guest personally. There are two ways in which you can get the cards printed. The first is getting cards printed from traditional card printing company. However, if you live aboard than this option is not feasible, because it requires the customer to visit the store personally; order cards, collect cards and make payment. Moreover, the varieties you will get in cards are limited. The second option is to go for an online wedding invitation card store. They are specialized in Indian Wedding Card, so here your will come across a variety of cards based on specific community and religion.
All these cards are designed taking into account the tradition and culture of the religion. Like the Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards, generally have a picture of Lord Ganesha along with the symbol of swastika, which is considered as an auspicious sign in Hindus. Sikh wedding are famous for the flamboyant style, so the Sikh Wedding Invitation Card has to be really special. These cards come in a variety of eye catching colors and are adorned with Kundans. It also contains saying from Holy Guru Granth Sahib. Muslim wedding invitation cards will remind you about the Mughal art. The cards have beautiful designs of leaves, peacock, domes, feathers and lots of intricate designs. The wedding card contains beautiful poetry or verses from Holy Quran.
To make all these wedding cards high quality handmade paper, metallic paper, silk, satin and velvet are used. Online Wedding Invitations cards stores offer you convenient options to buy cards from anywhere. It will save time and will be timely delivered at your place.

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